Thursday, May 10, 2007

another day. another May.

another year.


i feel the best i have ever felt.

i love my life. i love my job. i love my freckles. and the laugh lines around my eyes.

i feel alive and happy.

took long enough.

i won't make the same stupid mistakes i made when i was 27.

welcome, year 28. Let's do this right.

What i learned from year 27:

-listen to your intuition. not the words of people that lie on a daily basis.

-black hair= edgy and emo, yet hard to maintain

-i really love tacos

-why did i go so long without a vibrator?

-blonds do have more fun

-secret to chocolate cake= coffee and cinnamon

-being hired as a freelancer for your looks is ok, being hired as an employee for your kick ass producer skills (skillz) is much better...and i am still cute....cute with health benefits.

-vendor dogs. cream cheese. do it.

-i love being loved. who doesn't? but what i love more....being loved by someone i am inspired by. someone who is honest. someone who makes me feel like i am made of gold. someone that says things like "i love you for who you are. and i always will. forever. and i will prove it to you".

-don't loan people money

-polenta is good

-reading in the morning for an hour, with a cup of coffee, is a fantastic way to wake up.

-i should always buy myself flowers. i love them. they make me happy.

28. i look way better now than when i was 18. in fact, i am pretty fucking hot. i own a home. i love my work. and my friends. my family is amazing. i have money in my savings account. my daughter brings me more joy than i thought possible.

fuck yes. bring it.

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