Monday, December 17, 2007

my emo holiday

i have been listening to a lot of bright eyes this week. i had his christmas album once...but i have misplaced it....or some ex-boyfriend probably stole it so they wouldn't have to be tortured by my repeat blaring. man, it was good...i should buy it again. like, i had to buy ani's "living in clip" 4 times because it would mysteriously disappear or get totally scratched....i look back now and wonder if i had missed something.

"i need some meaning i can memorize. the kind i have always seems to slip my mind", conor.....yes.....

bright eyes pulls my emo heartstrings. he tickles that part of my soul that wants to wear a scarf and sit in the rain. he reminds me of a time when i defined myself by heartbreak, and when hurt meant something meaningful.....but really....when you look back....once you grow up and move on and find look back and think "holy shit that sucked. i was so miserable".

funny how there is something comforting about the pain from heartbreak.

it might also be dwelling in can feel profound and romantic to look back.

so...anyway. i made caramels. it was intense.
don't fuck around with 250 degree sugar.
also, don't binge on caramels. i had a sugar headache for 18 hours.

i really love cafe presse on 12th and madison. it is a little french cafe and i want to have breakfast there everyday. the hard cooked eggs....the yogurt with honey and walnuts.....oh man.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

ingredients for perfect

it snowed yesterday. this was exciting. riley and i made a mini snowman. i baked cookies. we drank eggnog and listened to john denver's christmas album.

last night, i drank hot lemon water with honey. i took a bath. a peppermint honey milk bath. it was heavenly. perfect.

then i put on clean cozies right from the dryer and cuddled up in bed. i dreamed about having babies.