Sunday, June 17, 2007

ten years later

my 10 year high school reunion was on friday. advice: don't go to your's. i don't think it was worth the $5 cover. i am so glad i didn't dress up.


everyone is fat. it happens. i am glad i am not the only one with an extra layer of chub.

weird to talk to the guys who i thought were so special only to find out they are uninteresting and stupid. kind of a shock. but also very relieving.

everyone liked my hair. still not sure why this is always a topic of conversation.

they played all the top hits from 1997. not a good year for pop music.

the valedictorian from our class does marketing for taco bell. p.s. i just had to look up how to spell valedictorian. i can't believe i actually graduated from high school.

the most awkward interaction was from the least likely person. he broke my heart. didn't even hug me back. my best friend is gone. i lost him long ago. now i get it.

this is what it sounded like "heeeeey! how are you? good. good. i know, this is weird, right? crazy. so what are you up to? oh cool. great. well, nice to see you". AWKWARD escape to next conversation that sound exactly the same.

i think it was under an hour and i found myself hiding in the corner texting "please come save me".

so. i drank too much to try to overcome how ridicules it all felt. ditched out early.

woke up with a headache.
and went to a kick ass SIFF short film. dope.

wake up laughing

"and the light bulb was being kind of an asshole, so i broke it"

my world is rocked.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

soon. it will be mine.

i just remembered the best gelato i had in italy....and i had a lot of gelato. it had meringue chunks in it. tiny bits of meringue. and they melted on my tongue. but melted at a different rate of the gelato. it was a textural experience, as well as tasty.

i have no idea where it was. i think it was in rome. i think my goal is to find it. something divine will happen and take me back to that holy place of sweetness.

related: homemade tiramisu is delicious.

i should be sleeping.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the sirens song

it's jasmine on a vine
twisting like july
she holds bugs in her palm
like kisses
held and tossed to the sky

it rained that night
settled the heat
you settled the score
i claimed defeat

it's a poem this time
a painting
or a postcard
it was scribbled and drawn
erased and torn

it was a breath
i held
a song we sung
and at last my darling
at last
we're done.