Friday, October 31, 2008

a year ago

be of love a little more careful than of anything
-e.e. cummings

today is our anniversary. one year ago today we dressed up like alabama and clarence and went to the courthouse.

i seriously love him more every day. it is so much fucking fun.
it has, by far, been the best year of my life.
i can't wait for more.

(rare, unseen photo of our real "first kiss" as husband and wife)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

workout day: two

surprised? i know, i didn't expect myself to stick with it either.

day two of work out:

exercise: walking/running
time: i would say around 40 min (no watch)
mood: i was with my amazing friend sarah (and her baby, sadie) and was totally distracted from the misery of activity. talking to a friend while working out really helps.

exercise: pushups/lunges/ dips/ squats
time: 20 mins or so
mood: felt the burn. i complained a lot. said things like "TEN more? are you kidding?" and "i think my left butt cheek is cramping".

i am sore. i am going to take a bath and an advil.

also...sarah tried to convince me that i need to eat lots of little meals...and that it is important to eat breakfast....and she tried to give me a protein drink.....

i don't think she believes that the "dana diet" is a healthy option. and even though she may be right, it doesn't change the facts. nothing works like starvation, swapping meals with alcohol or other liquids, and eating cookies for dinner.

proof is in the pudding, sarah. just wait and see. (i am totally expecting to eat these words in a couple weeks)



pumpkin night!

we carved jack o lanterns. we ate pumpkin soup. we (ok, only me) drank pumpkin beer. we snacked on roasted pumpkin seeds. i thought about making a pumpkin cheesecake...but ran out of steam.
riley carved her own! with no help!
and check out my obama pumpkin! isn't it cuuuuuute?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

workout day: one

i decided to go running. it has been years. i think i went once three years ago. and before that it was at least 4 years.

i don't work out. i did yoga for awhile before the wedding. and then quickly gave it up.

but today is a new day. a day for change. why? you ask. because i am a lazy, chubby, self loathing, comfort food binging, pathetic, squishy, jiggly...pile of poop.

but...i am full of potential.

day one of new life changing workout schedule:

exercise: running / walking
time: 20 min
mood status: it was, by far, the most miserable experience of my life. my lungs burned. my legs hurt. i felt nauseous. i cursed the world. i did a lot of hacking and spitting. i walked half the time and gasped for air.

exercise: stretching/ yoga/ pushups
time: 10 minutes
mood: i did 10 push ups (yes, the girly kind) and wanted to fall on my face after number 8. i did the warrior pose and got distracted by my own pathetic reflection on the television. i can't touch my toes (not even close..think 6 inches). i did downward dog and my head felt like it filled with blood and i felt like my face was going to explode.

overall i would say this is a great beginning. wouldn't you? i can only improve.

it begins

starting today, i will only eat one meal a day. i will also drink black coffee whenever i feel hungry. this is also known as the "dana diet".

sometimes the meal will be a healthy dinner. sometimes the meal will be cookies. sometimes the meal will be three beers.

spare me the health lecture.

i know what works. and the "dana diet" works.

don't worry, i won't stop baking...i will just be dropping off plates of goodies to family and friends for the next month or so.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Scary Movie Month™ List.

scary movies. in the order we watched them. and my opinions.

funny games: crap. awful. watched most on fast forward. anyone who likes this movie is a psychopath.

alien 4: awesome. the alien/ human baby was both rad and disturbing. i felt nauseous at the end. but in a good way.

cabin fever: fun and gross. bloody yet enjoyable.

American werewolf in London: not really scary. but funny. and it made me want to visit london again. sit in a pub. drink whiskey and guiness. get attacked by a werewolf.

dead alive: awful. awful. awful. i couldn't watch it. i lasted about 15 min.

from hell: i really like johnny depp. and i really hate what's her name. she was so wrong for this movie. also, we decided that john mccain looks like jack the ripper.

friday the 13th 4: pretty funny. gotta love a movie with zero plot, boobs, and someone getting killed every 3 minutes.

28 days later: my favorite. i heart cillian. dreamy.

nightmare on elm street: johnny depp is in this. that is all i have to say.

battle royal: disturbing. and pretty great. completely entertaining and interesting....but really fucked up.

harry potter: i know this shouldn't be on the list...but riley watched it and it was scary for her. i heart harry potter. sigh.

carrie: so good. and sad. they're all going to laugh at you! those assholes got what they deserved.

vampire hunter d: also not very scary...but really amazing.

30 days of night: oh hell yes. dan was upset because of the lame adaptation from the comic book. i, however, never read the comic book and found this totally entertaining.

john carpenter's the thing: kurt russle is boss. i really like the dog before it turns into an alien.

friday the 13th 3: i jumped a lot in this. at one point both arms went up (like that reflex infants do)

prom night: this was boring. and jamie lee curtis looks like a 40 year old woman..not a 17 year old high school student.

the shining: i hate jack nicholson. this movie irritates me. sometimes i turn off a movie 15 minutes before the end and demand dan tell me everything that happens, but i won't watch it.....sometimes i do this with movies i have already the shining.

little shop of horrors: again...not "scary"...but riley watched it with us and it was scary enough. i remember hating this movie as a kid and it freaking the crap out of me. now it just gets the song "suddenly seymore" in my head for days....which is a different kind of terrifying.

the innocents: creepy children really freak me out. i liked this movie. i think it bored dan because he fell asleep.

ginger snap: a fun teenage girl/werewolf story. slightly boring, and slightly funny.

bug: this movie bugged me. harhar. no made me itch a little. and it was they seem normal for 3/4 of the movie and then all the sudden they are schizo and digging imaginary bugs out of each other. the decent to madness is quick, i suppose.

wait until dark: being blind never looked so gorgeous. leave it to Audrey Hepburn. this does have a very scary "jump worthy" scene. i knew it was coming and still jumped into dan's lap and threw the blanket over my head.

holiday dream dress

i can't live without this dress.

his hands. my face.

he seems so sweet.....

and then he tries to kill me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

quote of the day

"ohhhh......obama is cuuuute!"

-riley, age 5, after seeing a picture on time magazine

(btw, my response was "yes.....yes he is".... so...i guess this means i am sexist....and i am ok with that)

sunday's are for playing in trees

as she eats her way through the season

i may have to go on a diet soon. like really soon. right after i finish these brownies.

things i ate this weekend:

mini dark chocolate covered grahams from trader joes

pumpkin beer

baked eggs with herbs and baguette
(from barefoot contessa in paris good for weekend brunch!)

carne asada chili with cornbread muffins

pumpkin ravioli with apple, sage and butter sauce.
(with more pumpkin beer)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

a chat. between wife and husband.

thought this was funny. please excuse all the typos. (click on them to see larger)

and then he said maybe i have M.S

rocky beach

this picture is kind of creepy for some reason. and i like it.

a my husband....

it isn't much better than reality

i think this story is incredible.

i understand why it is wrong to use someones password and info to hack into personal account....however....5000 bucks or 5 years in prison? for "killing" your virtual reality "ex-husband"...who "divorced" you for no reason! dude, he totally deserved to "die". i think the appropriate punishment would be to send the virtual reality "disgruntled wife" avatar to virtual "jail" and fine her virtual "money". or just a slap on her virtual "wrist". i mean c' real life.....the girl needs a hug. and perhaps some real friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

again....i am sorry for this...

this is so mean.... but i just laughed really really hard. i am actually still laughing.

here we are in autumn

riley took this picture of me in the front yard. we like this tree.

riley got new boots. they look big...but they fit her. and she loves wearing belts. such a stylish little girl.

what soup will she make next?

welcome to my kitchen! please excuse the dirty, balled up dish towels on my oven. also, please excuse the stupid face i am making. but hey, check out my sweet apron.

ok. so here are some pics of the baked goodies for megan's baby shower (these are at susie's beautiful home)

also...because i am obsessed with soup...i made tortilla soup last night. i once worked at a place in missoula called the catalyst. they had a delicious and very simple tortilla soup that was the inspiration for this. it is super easy to make and delicious.

buy a rotisserie chicken. it is the same price as buying a chicken...but it has been cooked. genius. cut some meat into cubes or shred. slice some avocado. shred some cheese.

saute half an onion and a clove of garlic (p.s...everything i make is usually enough for 4-6 servings..if you want or need more...double accordingly)

once onions are transparent, add chicken stock (about a box and a half), a can of diced tomatoes (i used the diced tomatoes and green chili's....added a little heat), and a can of drained corn. you can also add black beans.....

so that was really it. after it was hot, i added the juice of half a lime....and i seasoned with salt and pepper and garlic salt. but the best part comes when you add the cubed chicken, some avocado, monetary jack cheese, fresh cilantro, and homemade tortilla strips (cut corn tortilla in strips, and fry in some oil until golden...salt...yum)


p.s. how cute are my salt and pepper shakers? i mean.....cmon.

Friday, October 17, 2008


pumpkin everything

i am throwing a baby shower this weekend for my friend megan. she is having a boy and is due dec 24th. it is a "tea and dessert" shower and i am making a lot of baked goodies...and i am super excited about it. more on this later.

boating: went out on lake union for bonnie's birthday. we drank a lot of champagne and talked about periods, pickles, babies, boobs and sex. it was great.

wine: "purple" downtown. i dislike this place. everything here is heavy and made of iron. and the wine list is as overpriced as you would expect with a name like "purple".

courtney: i loved having her here and came close to throwing a fit when it was time for her to leave. we went to the pike place market and picked out oysters. we made chili. we chatted. we mud masked. we shopped. we drank wine.

my hair: i said blond. not beige. i feel beige. dan says i always complain after i get my hair colored. is this true? it might be. but....i have beige hair. beige. khaki. ugly. boring. bland. beige. dan says it looks pretty and natural. i should get over what ever my deal is. i just feel like i lack edge with pretty and natural. so the question is...why do i need edge? i am getting too old for edge. right? then why do i feel so much older without edge? (hint: my hair color right now is EXACTLY the same as my mom's. and we have close to the same hair cut. this thought makes me want to scream).

pumpkin: i made pumpkin cookies last night. delicious. i am drinking a pumpkin beer right now. it is outstanding. like a mix between beer and chai. and i might make pumpkin soup this weekend. i heart pumpkin. other pumpkin things i enjoy: muffins, scones, lattes, ravioli, bagels (if you have not had the pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese from noah's.....go there now).

dinner: tonight i am making prosciutto, sage and provolone stuffed chicken breast. we will also be having homemade applesauce, sauteed spinach, and sweet potato fries. i love eating in the fall. love it.

ok. the list of what i am baking this weekend:

chocolate cupcakes with ______frosting (still undecided. i might do the white chocolate buttercream i always do....or i might do a mexican chocolate....or i might do orange liquor....or i could just do a dark chocolate buttercream....perhaps something with almond? ug.)

lemon cake with lavender syrup and lemon glaze

blueberry cinnamon scones with maple icing

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

double chocolate chip cookies (with white chocolate chunks)

mini chocolate chip cookies

and that is all for now....i might do more.

i feel like i should do more. i could also do pumpkin scones with a cinnamon icing. but i feel like i might be obsessing over pumpkin right now.

Friday, October 10, 2008


good news:

i got dan's camera back!!!
expect more pics soon.

courtney arrives in an hour!!
expect stories.

the turtle has left the house!!
expect a nicer guest room experience.

i am getting my makeup done tomorrow for bonnie's birthday party (she is making me do it)!!!
expect pics of slutty makeup...and of bonnie's party on a boat.

notes from last night's dream:

dan and i were in belize. on a cruise.
the cruise ship looked more like a drug runner ship.
our room was concrete.
there was a long strip of white beach.
we drove a dune buggy along it.
the dune buggy looked like a mini pickup truck.
half of the city was flooded.
we walked through the streets with water up to our chests.
the ground felt slippery and mushy on my toes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

29 or 89?

i found a knitting group in west seattle that meets every thursday night at 7. i might go. but what if i am the only beginner? what if my knitting needles aren't cool? why do i feel so nervous about this?

i also want to learn how to quilt. i need a sewing machine.

i am turning into an old lady.

other examples of how i am turning into an old lady:

i like oatmeal.

i read under a "throw" blanket on top of the covers.

i make perfect pie crust.

i like pudding.

sometimes i wake up and my back is stiff.

my knees and ankles and hips and fingers pop a lot....and lately my sternum has been popping.

i put fruit, yogurt, flax meal and juice in a blender. some call this a smoothie.

flax meal.

i use really thick lotion on my face before bed...also called "night cream".

i prefer to take baths.

i enjoy homemade applesauce.

i like how cheap pork is.

i overcook pork.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i heart tegan and sara


i am totally obsessed and in love with tegan and sara. i watched videos of them on youtube for 3 hours last night while dan was at work. i really can't get enough of them. yes they have mullets. yes they are twins. they are fantastic and you should love them.

i made butternut squash ravioli last night. heavenly. perfect. i made a sauce with sweet onions, apple, white wine, butter, sage...with a hint of nutmeg.
when i was done...i felt like eating it all over again. it was perfection.

i think mccain looks like a troll. seriously. think about it. i was telling dan this morning that if obama wins i am going to cry and cry. sob big fat tears of happiness. and if mccain wins i am going to break windows.

i am really really really happy. have i mentioned this is my favorite season? give me a blanket, a book, a cup of tea, and a rain storm outside and i am in a happy place.

here is another lil collection of words....sometimes called a "poem" (cringe). just ignore me please. i have issues with that word. poem. blek.

(and this photo doesn't really apply to anything....except i want another tattoo. and i want a i was looking at word tattoo's....and found this. and i love it. and they are sisters....and so are tegan and i guess it kind of ties in)

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"

and to love on nights like these
is to inhale
when the fog settles
like a cat

and the weight of water
moving our house
vanishing into trees

it is these nights
when all you can be is closer
and never close enough

the weight of love
like entering sleep
quiet as fog
with a tiny breath

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

there is always next year

weeds in a fortress
all spikes and thorns in vines
clawing. mocking.

my green thumb is brown.
bleeding in defeat.

at least the tomatoes are growing.
there are two.
blood red.
sweet as victory.

Monday, October 6, 2008

posing? or weird.

here we are...enjoying a fall weekend.
photo taken with dan's iphone.

going to africa

January 2007. she was still 3 here!

i don't remember this and it was like finding a treasure. and i think her baby voice is so precious. it makes me miss her then. she was so sweet....even if i couldn't come with her to africa (because it was heart! my heart! how freaking cute was she!). this was 3 months after she took scissors to her hair.....notice the chunk of bangs missing. and i love how you can hear charlie purring the whole time....he must have liked being an inside cat. now he is wild and kills birds and mice....

ok....enough of the nostalgia videos....

"lasso that rope"

this one is from June 2008

when i grow up

since i don't have a camera (have i mentioned this?) i am going to post old videos.

i don't know the exact date of this...but i think it was July of 2007. i miss riley's little 4 year old lisp. i make a cameo at the end and oh my god my hair was awful back then. why didn't anyone tell me? my head was in desperate need of bleach.

p.s. how cute is it when she says "mailer"!? she used to want to me a mailman. and when she says "bajama day" sweet.
oh, and....i don't really want to be a rockstar. obvs.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

i can't wait until it is all over

i don't have much of an opinion about the VP debate. except that i think palin is a freaking whack job. and i am a little bummed that i didn't win palin bingo....i thought for sure i would win with a board that had "gee", "hockey mom", "God", and "terrorists". but my dad won. i would have won if my board had "you betcha" or "darn".

other than that....i say "meh". meh meh meh.

oh. and the fact that the republican party openly admits that they are now going to attempt to damage obama's character...with these attacks that are laughable and total just awesome.
they must be shaken in their boots.

so. it is windy today. i drove to trader joes but it was closed because their power was out. i think it is a perfect day to order pizza. and make cookies.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

scary movie month begins!

you know when you watch a scary movie and a bad part is coming up and you cover your face and peek out through your fingers? that is how i am going to watch the debate tomorrow.

speaking of scary is October! which, as we all know is the official Scary Movie Month™!!! so here is what we have on the queue so far for this years SMM:

funny games
the reaping
30 days of night
prince of darkness
raw meat

also, we picked out Riley's Halloween costume already.....she is going to be a witch. i don't know if it can beat last years Tinkerbell....but i am happy she chose a witch over hannah montana.

other scary things:

  • there is a bowl in my fridge with a salad i made in July.
  • my favorite song right now is "sexy can I" by ray J
  • i have not had my hair colored since June. a creepy old guy a the post office said he liked the "shading" in my hair. i said it was called "grow out".
  • there is still a turtle in the guest room.
  • the size of the laundry pile that needs to be folded. (it is staring at me right now)
  • my limitless, unsatisfiable craving for chocolate