Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hamstuh vs hedgie

debate worth having?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

beat the bridge

i have had 2 pieces of chocolate cake today.
i have not gone running in over 2 weeks.
back when i was running, i could run a max of 3 miles, and it was not pretty.
i just signed up for "Beat the Bridge"..... a 5 mile run THIS SUNDAY.


i am out of my mind
i might die on sunday
it will be so ugly and embarrassing when i crawl across the finish line
i don't even own a sports bra
will anyone notice if i run in my pajamas?
i hope it rains so everyone looks awful and drenched not just me
should i notify paramedics before the race?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


happy mother's day, mom!!

thank you for being so weird:

and for being so dramatic:

and for being a wonderful nana:

we love you! thanks for putting up with all my crap and for being a great mom.


Friday, May 8, 2009

dearest husband


today my wonderful husband turns 27. here's to a fantastic year, dan! can't wait to go to Star Trek would be better if we dressed up like klingons....but i understand.

i love you!



ps cake is in the oven....can't wait!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

some of the May 9ths of the past

i am saying goodbye to my 20's this week. the end of another decade.

for fun, here is a recap on birthdays in my 20's:

20: i went to a bar in missoula called 'the ritz' and split a fishbowl with shannon. a fishbowl is a huge bowl of alcohol and fruityness with lil gummy fish intended for 6-8 people to share. i then remember telling a boy i had a crush on....that i did, in fact, have a crush on him. i was mortified the next day. and i had a headache, obviously.

21: i had 13 shots in the first hour of being out. i was in bed by 11. i woke up in the morning and had gatorade for the first time which was mind blowing.

22: someone gave me a hat with boobs on it. i walked around the bar saying "i have boobs on my head!!" then i got knocked up.

23: i was a new mom. i think my parents came to visit me and we went out to dinner at their hotel. i was probably in bed by 9.

24. no idea.

25. no idea.

26. chandlers on lake union with my parents.

27. i think i went out with my cousins and disappeared. i remember throwing up out of a car at some point.

28. hmm. this was only 2 years ago and should not be so difficult to remember. i probably just had dinner with my parents. oh! we went to zoe!

29. thankfully i have had a blog for 2 years. here is what i wrote last year: "my birthday: uneventful. i did learn that i like lamb. so that was neat. oh, and i had a delicious cocktail with vanilla vodka, apricot nectar, and a splash of cranberry that was bomb." i asked dan where we went and he couldn't remember.

i am thinking i should get rip roaring drunk on Saturday. obviously.

Monday, May 4, 2009

goal: organized space

this is blowing my freakin mind!! <-please click.

ok. so....i have a hard time living within the small space we have. i feel like it is exhausting at times to have too much crap and not enough space. everything has a very specific place. and if you throw something else into the mix or don't put something away immediately....all hell breaks loose. needless to say, all hell is always loose in our house. i have tried working on solutions for this....i got bins and drawer organizers, hampers and hangers, hooks and baskets. i have gone through and tossed or donated most things we don't need or use. i try to keep clutter under control. i do. but.....i fail at cleaning up after myself in a timely manner and it is the abominable of snowballs that keeps rolling and rolling ever down into the depths of the overwhelming world of crap everywhere. no counter space. sink full. dishwasher full. clothes in washer. clothes in dryer. clothes piling up in floor. and i give up so quickly. it is the dark underworld of slobdom. i admit it...i am a slob. i fail at being an adult in so many ways.

i know....i need less stuff. even though i have weeded through and parted ways with many beloved hoodies and white t's....countless beer pints and sad lidless tupperware. even though just last week i left 2 full bags of clothes for salvation army on the curb for pick up.....i need to purge. PURGE, I SAY!

ug. i feel so gross even writing this. another American complaining about too much excess. poor me i have too much. poor me my house is too small for all the junk i keep. poor me i am a complete slob. who cares?! people are dying of swine flu all!! who cares if i fail at organizing? would i be better at organizing a hut made of dung and straw? take that dana. you whiny brat. at least you have a home full of mess to complain about.

i went way off track. i was going to write about how inspiring these photos are. a tiny space, lofted and sometimes lofted again. amazing layers of living space. an office lofted above a bed?! amazing. it is incredible how one can choose to use their space to it's full advantage instead of throwing old magazines and dirty sweatshirts into every dark, dingy, dusty corner.

i never want another cupcake. ok....well, maybe just one more.

tea party

Friday, May 1, 2009


sacks of stones
collection of feathers
how he used to trace each line
remembering a time
when skin tickled to touch

we think in seasons and
speak in storms.
there is a day in august
i can't wait to pass.
just a number. a square. a box on a grid.
a date someone selected and took away
retracted. nevermind.
i give it too much meaning
i do that a lot

stacks of stacks of paper
quiet words once.
scratched to scribbles
erase and replace.
shoved further and further beneath the bed.
where all things go forgotten.