Tuesday, August 28, 2007

plan or non plan, plan

i feel weird. my schedule changed and i am thrown off. i sleep at different hours, eat at odd times, rarely shower...wait...that is the same as always....but i feel like my clock is off. i don't feel as rested as i should. my body feels like it is in shock. like i need a reboot. i think i should do a detox....and then make a strict schedule for myself...even though i really have nothing to do because i am not working....but i should be working on me (gag).
so....i have a new plan.

old plan: sleep at odd times, eat whenever food is in front of you, stay up till 2 am, wallow, ponder, aimlessly drive, drink a bottle of vodka in a couple days.

new plan: wake up at 6. run. shower. have healthy breakfast with family. get child dressed, ready for school, pack lunch. drive child to school. return to house. yoga/meditation. tidy home, do house chores. healthy lunch. ponder. write. look for employment that would be fulfilling to soul. read a book. bake. go pick up child from school. make healthy dinner. enjoy family. cuddle on couch. go to bed at 10.


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