Wednesday, February 6, 2008

can't wait for spring

hey....been awhile...

so beginning of 2007 was really shitty. the mid-to end of 2007 was wonderful, magical, perfect.

i am trying to remember this because January 2008 was the worst month of my life, to date. Remembering the events of last year and the stark comparison of bad and good, is giving me hope that this year will get better.

if it works, i like this plan. get shitty stuff out of the way in the beginning of the year....move on to a summer of love, a beautiful fall, and cozy warm christmas.

so...i made through january....i am expecting good things from this point on.

i am going to be a bride in 10 days. a virginal bride. a pure, sweet, perfect bride.
can i wear my converse under my gown? as my something old? i think that would be pretty awesome.

strange how much time i have spent thinking about marriage over the course of my life. and now...with it feels so far from what i had imagined. and i mean that in a really good way.

the best thing we ever did was elope. now that i have seen both sides...the planning a big wedding with gown, cake, flowers, etc. and the going to the courthouse for $60....eloping took 10 minutes and it was a lot of fun. but, who knows, talk to me after next week and i might say a big wedding is worth all the stress and money... kind of doubt it.

here is what i know: i love my husband. I am extremely lucky. I look great in my wedding gown. i am so glad we will have an open bar...or two.

other news:

i got a job at a bakery. baking cakes. me. hello! total dream job. this cute little bakery on madison next to a birthing center. unfortunately, the pay was so low, i couldn't take it. it just would not make financial sense at all.

the other morning it felt like spring. the birds sounded happier. louder. i had that moment, before i opened my eyes, that i felt my life and it felt great. Spring is like that for me. It wakes me up and it makes me feel clean and new....because i am normally leaving the cold, dead, hard months of winter that seem to break chunks off of my life. i wonder if it would be this way if i lived someplace tropical?

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