Friday, July 6, 2007

here it is. a groove. slightly transformed.

i am in need of a good solid sunburn.

i know all about why this is a bad idea. i know it will age me. i know about skin cancer. i also know about lung cancer and that doesn't stop me from smoking an occasional cigarette.

there is just something fantastic about the first sunburn of the summer.

so far...i have had little time to do nothing on this vacation. i went to my child's swim lesson yesterday and watched babies flail around in the pool. it was nice. at least i can be one of those parents for a day or two.

jesus, if i have to hear any more about this girl that got disemboweled at the pool i am going to fucking kill something. I really don't want to hear about it.
i am sorry her intestines were sucked out of her butt, and i am glad she is telling people so it doesn't happen to them. it worked, ok! i will not sit on the drain anymore! even if i like the tickle....i won't do it.

Ratatouille was good. disturbing...but cute. it looked great...amazing what they can do with animation these days.

on the list for today....

go for walk
grocery store: milk, wine, crackers, hotdogs
get sunburn
bake blueberry scones
sit and ponder
water plants
clean kitchen

i wonder if this is what it is like for housewives.
i hate those people that say if they didn't work they would be bored. i never get bored. i hate working. i mean, i love my job...but really...i would rather be doing laundry and baking pies. and i don't mean that in the woman-in-home kind of way. i mean i prefer to task around and stare out the window and bake stuff. i find soul filling joy from these things.

summer should be this: wake up...drink coffee in back yard in undies. eat chocolate cake for breakfast (still in undies). take shower. put on dress and flipflops. go sit in sun. feel freckles form on cheeks. make out on beach towel. go home. have afternoon nap... wake up to sounds of lawnmowers, bumblebees and crows. watch sun streaks and breeze fill room. follow shadows across skin. get up. splash water on face. pick berries. bake pie. bbq hotdogs. sit in back yard and drink wine and listen to records. go to bed in undies and windows open.


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