Monday, July 2, 2007

more than meets the eye

transformers. do it. so much rad. i cheered with each awesome transformation from badass car/truck/helicopter/jet to super badass robot. it was everything i hoped. i will see it again. and again. i wish i had my own transformer. even if it was a dykish robot that turns into a subaru.

i had a dream last night that i was driving down the freeway in reverse....but i was going forward. my car was making this horrible sound...and it was smoking and clanking and lurching. i keep thinking about this and attempting to psychoanalyze myself. i am sure it means that i should stop eating tuna melts before bed.

i am about to have 5 days off. i will spend as much time as possible staring at nothing thinking about nothing. drool. my ideal vacation is a frontal lobe lobotomy. or at least a coma.

portland is the coolest city. hmm. scratch that. portland is lame. don't move there.
i am madly in love with brick buildings with fire escapes. i want to live in one. i want to have flower pots on my fire escape. and i want to sit on my fire escape and drink wine and look at the moon and ponder. and flee if i smell smoke.

i had a maid come clean my house. i am at a new level. it was fantastic and so worth it. i love paying people to do all the shit i hate and don't want to do. wow. i am such a grown up. am so fucking lazy.

summer is here. i wish i had a front porch.

here is what i am happy i have this summer:

1. a working lawnmower
2. a candle that smells like a morning on the beach in hawaii.
3. my back yard. it is a glowy magical place. now with paper lanterns and jasmine.
4. the recipe for macrinas fresh fruit muffins. dude. summer in muffin form. so delicious.
5. records. and a turntable (i need). and screens on my windows.
6. new camera. a device to capture moments. so simple. so huge.
7. twilight
8. this shea butter and cocoa butter lotion that makes me want to eat myself.
9. spicy kielbasa on the grill....on a bun with cream cheese....heaven...
10. Danger Brown.

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