Tuesday, November 6, 2007

cactus coma

i think cactus puts msg in their food. i know this is a bold claim. every time i eat at cactus i get a headache and as soon as i get home i pass out on the couch and fall deep into an msg coma. last night i thought i would try a highly scientific experiment. I ordered a salad to eliminate the chance that this coma was caused from too much cheese. i almost passed out on the drive home. i actually considered propping my eyes open using the toothpick trick.
i plan on confronting them about this.

in other news: eggnog is back on the shelf. yessss. earlier every year. this year i found the organic valley eggnog at uwajimaya a week before halloween. and they say it is a christmas beverage. boy are they wrong.
p.s. that adventure at uwajimaya was stellar. not only did i find the nog, i discovered "men's pocky" which is dark chocolate pocky. why it is called "men's" i have no idea....other than asians are sexist.
also, dan locked us out of the car, with the engine running, in the rain, with our wallets and cell phones inside. it was amazing. all i had in my hand was the pocky...which i began stress eating immediately. it was hilarious. i waved down a police officer and he said he couldn't help us. really, what good are cops if they can't help you break into your car?

so anyway. eggnog in coffee is delicious. just a splash. seriously.

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