Monday, March 17, 2008

corned beef and poop

i have freckles but i am not Irish. i wish i was. but i am Scandinavian mutt. i do, however, like Guinness, Jameson, Oscar Wilde, potatoes, fog and corned beef.

i made 8 lbs of corned beef yesterday. this is my new Irish diet: i plan to eat corned beef hash for breakfast, Reuben's for lunch, and a sensible dinner (and by sensible i mean a Guinness or three).

but i do not get the cabbage. i searched and searched for a recipe for something other than boring cabbage....i found one that sounded promising because it involved two of my favorite things: bacon and beer. i don't know how something like cabbage can ruin these two pillars of fantastic, but it did. the result was nasty, mushy, and bitter.

there is this place in missoula that has the best reubens and sweet potato fries called the hobnob. i fantasize about this place. they have this special sauce (my guess is mayo and dijon) that i want to rub all over my body.

i talk a lot about food.

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Tom said...

you've been on a roll with yr last three posts. i elled oh ell.