Friday, March 28, 2008

springtime snowfall

it is snowing. just when the cherry blossoms in the back yard were about to burst.

i am in love with the world.

my cat has snowflakes covering his fur. he looks like a bobcat in the montana wilderness. but....the dumb pansy version.

i didn't think it was possible, but i have maxed out on cake. i can't eat anymore. at least not today.

i am about to venture out in spring storm 2008. luckily, i am armed with a subaru and rainboots. nothing can harm me.

i went out last night with a friend...and after a few drinks....we decided to cut my hair. this is not a good idea.

i am in love with soko. she is the cutest thing since baby otters. in a contest between soko and kitten paw would be close....but i think soko would win. be the judge:

kitten paw pad:


and to seal the deal:

i talked about her before....and posted a different song here

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