Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bring on the freckles

I went on a mini vacation this last weekend to Santa Monica/ Venice Beach and it was lovely. I really love Venice Beach and all the craziness that goes along with it. you can get a tattoo, a hotdog, some weed, a jade bracelet and a painting of jesus all in the same stretch. oh, and visit a psychic....which we attempted to do...she must have seen us coming and hid. i also saw a guy with no arms laying on a table playing the bass with his feet.

i stayed with my lovely friend nicole in an incredible apartment right across from the beach. we lounged by the pool and got super tan...we ate delicious sushi, nummy fish tacos, we walked and shopped and i had a great time.

riley is out for summer next week. we are going to take a road trip to Montana the following week and i am really excited. me and my girl and my pup. open road. wind in our hair. loud music. mountains. huckleberry milkshakes. going to the river. ah, montana, i miss you.

bring it on Summer!!

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