Monday, June 22, 2009

sludge and strep

Riley started off her summer vacation with a high temperature, sore throat and headache. I took her to the doctor today and it is strep. doh! strep strikes again!

we are leaving on thursday for Montana. i am really looking forward to clearing my head and heart and singing loudly on the open road with my girl and my pup.

other news:

i made a blackberry cheesecake and it was delicious.

riley got her hair cut.....6 inches of her blond locks, gone. she wanted to go shorter....and we decided on a transitional shoulder length...but i am pretty sure it will be a chin length bob by next month.

i had an extreme bloody nose last night and thought i was having a brain hemorrhage. i NEVER get bloody noses. in fact, the last one i had was in third grade when i ran face first into a tree.

our father's day was lovely. we went out for brunch, walked around bookstores, and went a movie. then went to my parents and had oysters and lots of wine.

i cleaned and spray painted an old bbq on friday for this thing* dan was shooting for his film....and i am STILL sore. from spray painting. not sure how or why...who knew chores could be such a great workout? p.s. he owes me BIG time.

*i have no idea what it is, what it is for, or how it involves his film. i know it involved a half naked girl in underwear and an apron....and a spray painted bbq. it is so completely typical for him that i don't even ask questions anymore. i try to not take it personally that he put a random chick in his film in gold hot shorts and not me......that my "role" in his film was to clean out the old grease and sludge off a bbq and paint it. i am sure she looked better in an apron than me. in fact i am positive of this. but i think i used to be considered "hot" enough to be put on camera. not sure when this changed and i became the grunt labor wife....not cool enough to meet the actors. not rad enough to attend brunch with the crew. do i sound resentful? i don't mean to. jealous? sure. bitter? perhaps. i think i am more going through my monthly woe-is-me fest where i remember the days past...when i was single and lusted after. when my boyfriend thought i was gorgeous and out of his league and we stayed up all night talking before he finally kissed me after the sun came up. now i feel like i am not pretty enough for a stupid fucking 3 second fake tv show that will be somewhere in a short film my husband made. not cool enough to go to sushi with Rider. and when i finally see the film, my only on screen involvement will be like "oh....i totally painted that bbq".....and that makes me feel left out of the party. and i was left out of the party. completely. so i guess i am just the uncool wife of the rad director. i guess i am really good at cleaning sludge.

so yeah....wasn't expecting all that to come out.

fuck, i can't wait to get out of town.

for the record, i am very lucky and i love my husband.....but fuck, sometimes.....i have issues, hence the blog.


sarah said...

I love you!!!!
I want to hang out before you leave but your daughter has strep??!!! It's June!

CrazyVirgo said...

Love you. Love your issues.