Monday, May 4, 2009

goal: organized space

this is blowing my freakin mind!! <-please click.

ok. so....i have a hard time living within the small space we have. i feel like it is exhausting at times to have too much crap and not enough space. everything has a very specific place. and if you throw something else into the mix or don't put something away immediately....all hell breaks loose. needless to say, all hell is always loose in our house. i have tried working on solutions for this....i got bins and drawer organizers, hampers and hangers, hooks and baskets. i have gone through and tossed or donated most things we don't need or use. i try to keep clutter under control. i do. but.....i fail at cleaning up after myself in a timely manner and it is the abominable of snowballs that keeps rolling and rolling ever down into the depths of the overwhelming world of crap everywhere. no counter space. sink full. dishwasher full. clothes in washer. clothes in dryer. clothes piling up in floor. and i give up so quickly. it is the dark underworld of slobdom. i admit it...i am a slob. i fail at being an adult in so many ways.

i know....i need less stuff. even though i have weeded through and parted ways with many beloved hoodies and white t's....countless beer pints and sad lidless tupperware. even though just last week i left 2 full bags of clothes for salvation army on the curb for pick up.....i need to purge. PURGE, I SAY!

ug. i feel so gross even writing this. another American complaining about too much excess. poor me i have too much. poor me my house is too small for all the junk i keep. poor me i am a complete slob. who cares?! people are dying of swine flu all!! who cares if i fail at organizing? would i be better at organizing a hut made of dung and straw? take that dana. you whiny brat. at least you have a home full of mess to complain about.

i went way off track. i was going to write about how inspiring these photos are. a tiny space, lofted and sometimes lofted again. amazing layers of living space. an office lofted above a bed?! amazing. it is incredible how one can choose to use their space to it's full advantage instead of throwing old magazines and dirty sweatshirts into every dark, dingy, dusty corner.

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JuneMoonToon said...

Good luck. And I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Good luck to me too...