Tuesday, May 5, 2009

some of the May 9ths of the past

i am saying goodbye to my 20's this week. the end of another decade.

for fun, here is a recap on birthdays in my 20's:

20: i went to a bar in missoula called 'the ritz' and split a fishbowl with shannon. a fishbowl is a huge bowl of alcohol and fruityness with lil gummy fish intended for 6-8 people to share. i then remember telling a boy i had a crush on....that i did, in fact, have a crush on him. i was mortified the next day. and i had a headache, obviously.

21: i had 13 shots in the first hour of being out. i was in bed by 11. i woke up in the morning and had gatorade for the first time which was mind blowing.

22: someone gave me a hat with boobs on it. i walked around the bar saying "i have boobs on my head!!" then i got knocked up.

23: i was a new mom. i think my parents came to visit me and we went out to dinner at their hotel. i was probably in bed by 9.

24. no idea.

25. no idea.

26. chandlers on lake union with my parents.

27. i think i went out with my cousins and disappeared. i remember throwing up out of a car at some point.

28. hmm. this was only 2 years ago and should not be so difficult to remember. i probably just had dinner with my parents. oh! we went to zoe!

29. thankfully i have had a blog for 2 years. here is what i wrote last year: "my birthday: uneventful. i did learn that i like lamb. so that was neat. oh, and i had a delicious cocktail with vanilla vodka, apricot nectar, and a splash of cranberry that was bomb." i asked dan where we went and he couldn't remember.

i am thinking i should get rip roaring drunk on Saturday. obviously.

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CrazyVirgo said...

Do it. Run headfirst into 30. It's the only way to welcome it.