Monday, May 11, 2009

beat the bridge

i have had 2 pieces of chocolate cake today.
i have not gone running in over 2 weeks.
back when i was running, i could run a max of 3 miles, and it was not pretty.
i just signed up for "Beat the Bridge"..... a 5 mile run THIS SUNDAY.


i am out of my mind
i might die on sunday
it will be so ugly and embarrassing when i crawl across the finish line
i don't even own a sports bra
will anyone notice if i run in my pajamas?
i hope it rains so everyone looks awful and drenched not just me
should i notify paramedics before the race?


trudi said...

So much for the positive attitude.....m

sarah said...

better get you a running bra...

dreaming and breathing said...

i found one today. it was in a ball waaaaay in the back of my dresser. it think it is from 2003. i bought it right after riley was um, my boobs were a lot bigger back then. and so it doesn't really do anything in the way of is a little baggy. but do i really need support? i mean c'mon. i just need the extra fabric.

also, i ran today. good news: i ran a little over 3 miles and didn't die. bad news: it took me 40 minutes. at that pace i would not 'beat the bridge' and that will be very embarrassing when i jump the baracade and throw myself into the lake.