Thursday, April 10, 2008

cabin in the woods and other pipe dreams

i just opened a bill from seattle city light. i owe them $744.76. i have no idea why it is so high. the last bill i paid was in february for $175.51. i called to inquire and was passed around, put on hold, and eventually disconnected. if it was a cable company or a bank....i would say....thanks for all the suck and fuck you...i am taking my business somewhere else. but....i can't do that because they are the only company offering power in my area. so....i am officially being fucked by seattle city light.

i want to live in a cabin far far far away. i want a fireplace and solar energy. i want a big garden of organic veggies and fruit trees. i want a greenhouse and a compost pile. i want a bicycle and a dirt path that leads to the ocean. i want on outdoor dutch oven for summer pies. i want a field of lavender and an old empty barn. i want a clothesline between two large apple trees, and summer scented sheets blowing in the breeze. i want a pregnant belly and a hammock and fresh baked bread. i want a fucking clawfoot bathtub.

i hate seattle city light.

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