Tuesday, May 20, 2008

dear blog

dear store where i used to buy my hair clips,
you really want $12.50 for a tiny hair clip? really? one itty bitty clip? my answer is no. i refuse.
goodbye cute hair clip....hello shaggy untamed grow out.

dear starbucks at university village,
i hate your coffee and your fast food mentality about espresso. i hate the sound of corporate cash registers in your greeting. i hate that i feel micromanaged just standing in your line. but, i will still drag my tired ass through your door everyday and pay $3 for 8oz of scorched milk and bitter espresso. and it will help me survive another few hours of retail. so....thank you.

dear lilac tree in my yard,
i love your sweet smell. i love the way your branches look heavy and tired...like the weight of your flowers is too much for you like it is too much for me. the smell of you reminds me of being a girl at our old house...playing under my mother's favorite lilac tree by the lake. when we sold that house, the new owners cut down the lilac tree and my mother cried....which made me cry. and now, each spring you bloom, and i bring some of your flowers, tied in twine, to my mother in her new house with no lilacs.

dear dishes in my sink,
i have been saying this for awhile, but this time i mean it....i will wash you tomorrow.

dear denver,
i want my husband back....i am lonely.

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