Monday, May 5, 2008

this week i will bake 3 cakes


i really like trophy cupcakes for lunch.

i smoked a lot of cigarettes this weekend. i had forgotten what a cigarette hangover felt like. now i remember. it feels dirty.

so...i was at a bar on saturday and dave matthews walked, this is not the start of a joke....he was black bottle....and so was i. he is so dreamy. i don't care what people say....and i was over his music 10 years ago....but the man is fucking handsome.

also on saturday i smoked pot and had one of those profound life-is-amazing-and-tragic-and-beautiful experiences...also known as "being stoned". but really, this time, the universe made sense for a minute. like i had solved something big...huge....and i remember telling myself to hold on to it...or write it is so huge.....and then i passed out and i don't remember. fucking pot.

today is cinco de mayo which means tacos and tequila for dinner. thank you, mexico. for realz.

working retail is really fun...for about an hour....and then i want to kill people...and then sit down. standing all day sucks....especially for someone like me....because i hate...moving.

oh, and the hair is super bleached. albino bleached. children of the corn bleached. awesome.

last weekend we went to portland for a comic book festival....uh hem.....and i was reminded that, yes comic book dorks are RAD, but more importantly, that portland fucking rocks. i LOVE that town. here is one highlight:

lil horse. and we saw a samurai on a motorcycle. like, a real one. not a mini one. i have more pics. i swear i will post more soon.

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