Friday, January 23, 2009


i just tried on my bikini. i really want dan and i to do before-and-after pics. all white and chubby in swim suits.....and then one of us after we diet and work out. and then i will post them on here. doesn't that sound horrifying?

i have to say.....aside from a few lil trouble areas....i looked smokin hot.

trouble area one: all over flabbiness (run, yoga, push-ups)
trouble are two: love handles (sit-ups, yoga, core exercises)
trouble area three: pale (this one is so easy to fix!)

i also feel like i need to buy new bikini bottoms....find a more flattering some that start at my ankles and go to my chin.

We both are starting a diet this monday (because i always start diets on monday' you a final hurrah of a weekend to drink all the beer in the house, eat all the ice cream in the freezer). i was looking at pics of us in hawaii from November 2007.....and wow....dan was SKINNY.

here is some vacation inspiration:

i need this cute yellow sun dress to wear to the beach.

here i am looking cute in my bikini (note to self: it is possible)

nice big colorful sunglasses

fun beach tote for books, sunscreen, travel scrabble, ect

potential new bikini bottoms?

totally hot tan husband

cute swim suit coverup. would look good with tan and fruity drink in hand.

white tunic also good with tan...

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