Tuesday, January 20, 2009



today is supposed to be my first day back to a work out schedule.

i am motivating by drinking tea, cuddling with a puppy and blogging.

i am freakishly in love with the puppy. i know that this might be some weird emotional misplaced affection due to baby loss.....but i don't care. i mean...it's not like i am dressing her up in baby clothes, giving her a bottle and rocking her to sleep or anything.....but i do find that holding her warm sleeping body on my chest while i watch a movie makes me feel cozy and complete. soon she will be too big and too canine for this....but at the moment.....she is fills my cuddle void.

i think dan is feeling it too...as seen here:

here is a fun conversation from this weekend:

riley: i need some of those paper things....those what do you call them? the paper dimes? the green paper?

me: you call it cash money.

riley: i need some cash because i don't have any. can you give me some?

seriously. paper dimes? how cute is that!

i guess i must go running now. cuddle time is over and chew on everything time has started.
note: there is something not so sweet about puppy breath after you just watched the puppy lick the toilet at your husbands office of all boys.


sarah said...

does this mean you're doing st patty's with me??

dreaming and breathing said...

YES. i already told you i was going to drag my chubby self to the race.

i just need to start.