Sunday, March 22, 2009


riley just burst through the front door and screamed "spring is here! come see!"

it still looks a little gray and wet to me...but every once in awhile the sun peeks out. our tulips are blooming...we have 3 that have survived the pitterpat of dog paws. i actually did some yard work yesterday....for about 10 minutes.

i had a nightmare last night that i went to paint our bedroom and the ceiling was like 20 feet tall. and i remember saying "i don't remember these walls being so tall..."

to do list for spring:

paint bedroom. this involves some moving and dismantling of furniture. we are moving our bedroom to the back guest room and repainting the guest room because i can't sleep in a green room for some reason.

move into back room, make new guest room into office

paint new office/guest room

front fence. this has been on my list for 4 years.

trim everything dead out of yard and plant living stuff

here is a color i was thinking about for the guest room. i think it looks calm and cozy. dan refusing to talk to me about potential colors or moods for a i need input...too purple? too girly? too neutral? not neutral enough? i know this is wall paper....but i like the color. ps the guest bed is similar to this one....but white not ivory. i really like the ivory in this image because it adds a softness. i think it could still look nice with white....opinions?

also, while i am asking the one or two people that read this for comments....and if my mom is the only one that posts i will not be surprised (hi mom!) we think i could wear this romper in public and not get laughed at (or offered money for services)? i really like rompers....and denim rompers are so ghetto fabulous and adorable....but i am slightly heavier than this chick. thoughts?


Megan Miller said...

If anyone can work that romper it is you Dana Brown!

dreaming and breathing said...

thanks megan! i showed that picture to dan and he said the model was way too skinny and gross for that romper...that rompers look best when they are "holding stuff in"....i think that means i would look great! i have plenty to hold in! :) need to start a blog.

CrazyVirgo said...

Hi Dana - First Time reader and commenter, but longtime lover of the Dana. I happen to know that you and "heavy" could never be in the same sentence. YES! you could totally rock this outfit.

Also, weighing in on the room color, like the neutrality of it. Very peaceful and good for sleeping.

trudi said...

love the color....not sure about the romper ...m