Tuesday, March 10, 2009

soon to be velcro head

after a brief strawberry blond experiment....i will be bleaching the crap out of my hair today. i am assuming i will have completely frazzled velcro head for awhile.....but whateves....

oh and i am going to run a 5 k on saturday. even if it takes me an hour and i walk the damn thing...even if my lungs freeze and my toes get frost bite...i will finish...

i am donating a cake to riley's school for their dessert auction. i decided to try a Smore Cake....chocolate cake, a layer of graham, fluffy meringue frosting (slightly toasted, of course). i made a test cake last night and holy crap! SO GOOD.

i mixed the graham crumbs with butter and some brown sugar and made a lightly packed layer on the bottom of my cake pan and poured the batter right on top. it bakes in and is moist and pretty. and the meringue frosting toasted better than i imagined under the broiler (the main reason why i needed to do a test run)

it is beautiful and delicious. and it better auction off for a lot of money :)

this guy is awesome. and seriously...rihanna...cmon...listen to this kid. he knows whats up. cut one side of the circle.

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