Thursday, March 12, 2009

things i imagine against my will

i am driving and get into a huge car accident (not my fault). the car flips and twists. it is a crumpled pile of metal. i am alive and gasping. blood is all over my face and many bones are broken. then i am in a hospital bed and unconscious with bandages on my face.

someone has broken into our house and taken riley from her bedroom window. i walk in to check on her and she is gone and the window is open with curtains blowing.

i am trapped in a snow cave with people and we must decide who to eat.

anytime i am in water, even pools, i imagine a huge shark/alligator/dead body/monster swimming toward me.

i am eating something hard and my teeth break off inside my mouth.

there is a dead body/zombie in my bed. hiding under the covers.

someone is hiding in the back seat waiting for me to return to my car. i am going to look in the rear view and see someone staring at me.

inspired by lists seen here and here

now i need to think about happy things like...

what i will buy when i win the lottery

sitting on a beach and watching our fantasy baby play in the sand with bleached hair and tan lines and diaper butt.

i bake a cake and someone famous or important tries it, is amazed, and gives me money to start a bakery and then i am on martha showing her how to bake my famous cake.

riley when she is in her 20's and we are best friends and have tons of inside jokes and we cook breakfast together and gossip over coffee.

what i will look like after my boob job and tummy tuck. how tanktops will work out for the first time in my life.

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