Monday, August 25, 2008

4-5 things that make me angry- august

i almost forgot to do this. it is the last week of august. i can't believe it. summer is almost over. riley is about to start school. crazy how time vanishes.

so. here it is:

advertising. it is our livelihood. it was mine. it is dan's. and my dad's. i have a lot of friends and family in advertising. i met dan working in advertising. it allows artists and creative people to make a lot of money. it puts food and flowers on our table. but it still sucks*.

"whenever i actually watch tv, i realize that i hate advertising. i am creating stuff i hate"

-dan, last night after we watched the olympics closing ceremony and all the commercials that went with it.

i cringe every time a commercial comes on aimed at children...because i know it works...and suddenly riley is asking for hannah montana notebooks and saying "i want to go to WALMART"!

when she said that my heart broke a little. i know she is going to go to school next week and be influenced by her peers. i know i won't have that much control over what she likes...what is "cool". i know she will be fine and she will make ton's of friends because she will say "i LOVE hannah montana" even though she has never once seen the show or heard her music....but she has seen the commercials.

* i am aware that i might sound totally ungrateful. and i should be thanking my lucky stars for advertising...because it allowed me to grow up the way i did and it allowed me to be a single mom and own a home and it is why i don't have to work now. and i do thank my lucky stars and i am grateful. but i also see problems with advertising. mainly, that a lot of it sucks.

oh. and just for fun and because i love his is my favorite Banksy:

i really do love the rain. but it makes me a little upset that august has been so rainy and cold. i mean...august is supposed to be the hottest month of summer. not this:

we did a lot of fun stuff this summer. but i am a little upset that there are some things i didn't do this summer. i didn't go to the coast and camp. i didn't go to cannon beach. i didn't go to sun valley for the 4th (but we are going next week!). i didn't go swimming in lake washington. i didn't have the ice cream social/cocktail party in my backyard. i didn't even make ice cream. i didn't get around to planting basil. i didn't do enough with the yard. or anything, really. i haven't baked a blackberry pie. yet.

it makes me angry that i am allergic to MSG. because i have been craving bad chinese food for a couple weeks. we went to uwajimaya yesterday and it was like torture. i wanted to eat everything. i had a bite of this cake thing with cheese on it and i had a headache for 3 hours. but oh man i want some.

i think i am going to stop now because i feel like a whiny brat. i am really not that angry at much right now. i am pretty damn happy. i love my life, my family, my husband.

i am really only angry that my dad has been sick and that my parents are stressed. other than that, life is golden. but i am pissed that i can't binge on moo shu right now.

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