Thursday, August 7, 2008


there was a family of raccoons in the back yard a bit ago. i know i shouldn't like them. i know they are filthy and mean and pests. but the three little baby raccoons were precious. they jumped and played. they made little curious purr noises and frolicked.

dan is working and i can't sleep... so here is a sleepless poem:

i become hyper aware of noises
in this empty house

something is burrowing
beneath the floorboards.
tiny paws
digging dirt.
and there is a mosquito
withing 20 feet.

oh this night is incomplete
like the sliver of moon

and when the key scrapes the lock
i suppose i will rest
when all the sounds fade
into your return.

i am pathetic.

here is riley swimming today. she is learning the backstroke.

my throat hurts. i really don't want to be sick. i just had a cup of tea and it is like 80 degrees out.


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