Friday, August 22, 2008

back to school

i loved LOVED buying school supplies when i was younger. I loved the smell of new binders, i loved picking out cute folders with puppies and kittens on them. i love organizing my pencils and pens. everything was so clean, pages were so was all full of promise and hope.

i never did well in school, but my supplies were always top notch.

Riley is going into kindergarten in 2 weeks. We got the list of supplies and went to target on Wednesday. Hello Kitty folders! a PINK mead notebook! pink pencils!

it was so fun.

and yesterday we went to old navy for back to school shopping. she got a sweater vest! and a cute orange t-shirt with cupcakes on it. and jeans that fit (funny how summertime always means growing out of your jeans). Nana got her a sweet pair of shoes.

i think i had more fun than riley did. she was pretty much over it after 15 mins. but, we have started the tradition of back to school shopping. funny to think that she will be in school for at least 13 years. i hope she gets better grades than i did. should be easy to do.

so here is what i want for back to school shopping ( of life?) :

this coat

or maybe this coat

and a pair of dark brown frey boots.

and the cute 40's style hat i saw at nordstrom yesterday.

oh and the reason i am not posting pics is because dan took our camera to his office to take photos of random people in front of value village every day...from his office....because he is slightly voyeuristic (also called a "director"). no i am not kidding and click here for proof

and my dad took back the camera he was going to sell me. so. i need a camera. for back to school.

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