Friday, August 8, 2008

9 things that make me happy-august

me: "what are you doing"?
dan: "i am just thinking about what my life would be like if i had not just watched 'eddie and the cruisers 2'.....and it is wonderful"

oh man, i love him.

taking photos makes me happy. i really enjoy it. i am pretty mediocre and i am totally ok with that. i feel like i have so much to learn and it is exciting. also, riley and dan are very easy on the eyes....and on the lens. i need to learn photoshop and step it up a notch.

(i love sam's face in this one. his drink had just tipped over on the grass.)

lately, animals make me happy. like deer, horses, baby raccoons, and possums. i had never seen a live possum until a couple weeks ago. i have seen so many dead ones on the side of the road that it never occurred to me that they might actually be cute when they are alive.
and i really love horses. like in a childlike nerd girl kind of way.
and baby deer are just about as magical as you can get. when i was in montana i saw a few spotted fawns....and a few colts grazing together.....that is what montana is like....a magical land of cuteness...and then the hunters that kill them.

this isn't the best photo....but i was shaking with the thrill of seeing a real live possum on our deck.

one of my proudest parenting moments came when riley was about three. we were walking by a mcdonalds and she proudly said "look mom, it's a yellow M" referring to the famous golden arches. she had no other association to this place....a place most children beg to go. i made it a point to never introduce her to fast food. and even now...she is 5 and about to start kindergarten....and we were watching the olympics opening ceremony at my parents house (we don't have tv) and a commercial for mcdonalds came on. it was a kids soccer game....the team that had lost is sulking and the team that won is gloating and holding their trophy up high. then the team that lost gets happy meals and they are all happy and smiling and a kid holds up his happy meal to show it to the other know like....hahaha we got happy meals and all you got was a stupid trophy. anyway.....riley laughs at this commercial and says "and then that boy held up that box...hahaha". i am not sure why she thought it was funny...but she had NO idea. she has no idea what a happy meal is! is that cruel? some day she is SO going to hate me for depriving her. but for now, the fact that she doesn't know what a happy meal is make me very happy.

babies make me happy. someday....dan and i might have one. the thought of this makes me cry. oh to have a chubby baby on my hip!
until then, i have many people around me having babies to distract me.
sarah's baby, sadie, makes me happy.

not wearing a bra makes me happy. and i know that sounds gross. but it feels so good to go without. not to get all woman's liberation rawr, but the freedom that comes from not wearing this particular undergarment is truly incredible*.

*for those of us that tissue deficiant...or....petite chested.....or lacking in this me.

the ghetto ice cream cream VAN that drives through our neighborhood makes me happy. i had been totally snobby and unwilling to even see what they have...until dan and riley came home with amazing treats this week. um....the best fudgecicle i have ever had.

i wish this was our ice cream truck.

"so is orange the new color to wear around the house"? -dan, said to me this morning. i was wearing orange pants, and orange t-shirt and i have orange nail polish. oh...and i have orange sunglasses. i love orange right now.
p.s jamba juice has a delicious new drink called the orange refresher and it was...both orange and refreshing.

here are my sweet orange shades.

dahlias! my grandmothers favorite flowers were dahlias. i always think of her when i see them.

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