Saturday, February 28, 2009

holla from hawaii!!

gasp!! dear god why am i blogging while vacationing!!?  

because we are sunburned (thus inside) and dan is hogging the bathroom (per usual) so here i am on the interweb.  

blogworthy events so far:

we watched humpback whales jump and splash while we enjoyed margaritas on the beach.

we have seen a ton of sea turtles.  dan made the comment "this beach has a bajillion turtles"

dan kicked my ass at scrabble yesterday. i was too hot and flustered to make simple words. instead i tried to create words like "mercily".  i gave up half way through because he was beating me by 100 points and my scalp was burning.  

i think i could live off a healthy diet of papaya and pina coladas.  

dan burned the crap out of his feet.  luckily, aloe grows likes weeds here.  

ok bye! 

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