Wednesday, September 5, 2007

all the pretty things

i wish i could open my own store in west seattle. a cute boutique that sells pretty girly foofy things like sexy perfumes, calming candles, herbal balms, fancy lotions, french soaps, classy lingerie, cute dishes and glassware, vintage inspired aprons and linens, and old fashioned candy. and some cute baby and toddler clothes from italy and france. and handmade hats and scarfs. and maybe some neat cards and art. and everything would feel cozy and sexy and pretty and it would smell like heaven and chandeliers would be everywhere. and i would have a record player at the shop and would listen to old records and drink tea and sell stuff. and i would have a clanky old cash register and wrap everything in cute white boxes and pink polka dot satin ribbon.

a girl can dream.

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