Monday, September 3, 2007

teeth suck

i had a root canal. it sucked. all the valium and vicodin they gave me helped a little. but not enough. have you seen the tools they use for this procedure? they look like drill bits. with barbs on them. and they are repeatedly shoved in, and quickly pulled out of your tooth's canal to clean out the root and nerves. it is bloody. i am such a baby. it cost $1500 to sit in a chair and get tortured for an hour and a half. at least they gave me a nice warm damp washcloth to wipe the dried blood from my face and neck when they were done. i am sure the people in the waiting room would have loved to see my face before the wipe down.
side note: the best thing to see after a root canal (after you see the prescription for vicodin) is the person you love in the waiting room. sigh.....

ok. um. anyway....

i think i want all of my teeth pulled and dentures.
i am going to think this over while i have a bowl of ice cream.

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