Tuesday, September 11, 2007

vicodin dreams

i made a blackberry tart yesterday. with a shortbread crust. and a crumb topping.
i had it for dinner last night, breakfast this morning, and lunch today.

in my quest to take over the internet i have started a yelp profile and wrote my first review. reviewing is fun! te he he...

i also have a flickr page, a myspace, and a blog (duh). funny that i have so much of myself on the internet knowing that no one even reads this shit or cares about stupid little me. but oh well.


- i was asked a very unsettling question last night by my boyfriend. "why did you quit drinking"? i stared at him wide eyed for a minute not sure what he was saying. and then it hit me. he was right. i stopped drinking. shocking...i had not even realized. i went from drinking a couple bottles of vodka a week (mild exaggeration) to none. my answer was "ahh.....i DON'T KNOW"!
don't worry alcohol, i won't leave you...i am having a beer right now....

-i had a dream that i had a baby boy. with big brown eyes. and tan skin...like a french vanilla latte. he had amazing long eyelashes and chubby hands.
can you hear it? can you? it is the clock...tick tick tick....i thought i would be over the kid thing. but no. dammit.

- vicodin makes me have crazy nightmares. i feel betrayed by an old friend. i had a dream that there was an earthquake. and i was yelling and screaming. it was so vivid.

- both my daughter and i want to be tinkerbell for halloween. is that weird? she can be the cute kid version and i will be the slutty sorority tramp version.

-god this beer is going down nice.

-next week i am having house guests. some great friends from college. they are staying with us, then we are all driving down to bend for our friends wedding.
then, 4 days later i have more house guests coming for a week! my boyfriends brother and his girlfriend (i have not met them...eeeekkkkk!) are coming here and then we are all driving to reno together.
man, i have a ton of cleaning to do. must prepare house for invasion. must stock guest towels. must clean sheets. remove clutter piles.

- i got in a huge dumb fight with my mom. fuck, will it ever end? all the years of us fighting....i should write a book. i think i made a truce by bringing her some of the blackberry tart.

- tomatoes with cottage cheese is nummy. seriously. don't hate.

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