Friday, September 14, 2007

um. connections. and stuff.

so. to my shock and horror, i guess some people read this.

i feel like a disclaimer is a necessity.

most of this is dull and pathetic. i write about my life which is mostly dull and pathetic (see how that works?)
sometimes...i write things in the heat of rage. sometimes i write things that mean nothing. sometimes i can be offensive or objectionable.
also, i am a total loser.

to anyone i may have previously offended...uh hem....i am truly sorry.
to anyone i may offend in the future, go fuck yourself and read the disclaimer.


i had a dream last night about a past lover.
i often wonder when someone is on my mind...or in my subconscious...if i am on theirs. i guess i try to believe that there is some kind of connection (if you will) with some people that have been a part of my life....i don't know if the connection goes away.

last week this was, once again, proved to me...i was cleaning a room in my house that is supposed to be a family room, but is more of a storage heap, and i found a tiny scrap of paper with an old friends name and old email on it. i started thinking about her. sophie. she was a friend in college. she was the reason i moved to maine for a summer. she is one of the coolest girls i have ever met. we used to drink bourbon and shoot pool. i realized that i had not spoken to her in 5 years.

that night i got an email from her. she had sent it to a few emails that could have been mine. it said this:

Hi- it's Sophie and i'm trying to get in touch w/ dana. let me know if any of these are you! miss ya.

coincidence? perhaps.

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