Wednesday, October 3, 2007

crazies are invading and other news.

i never want house guests again. more on this later. i am still trying to calm myself down from the chaos.

i have started a diet.

i am growing my hair out and it is a fluffy and painful process.

one month until hawaii.

i am flying to nevada tomorrow. i am indifferent about this.

see the movie Eastern Promises just for the naked fight scene. it is amazing.

i need a massage.

i had another lesbian dream last night. i think i am a lesbian. (not really, but wouldn't that be great?)

i got new jeans and they make me look like a 1970's porn star. i love them.

i hate addicts. especially when they are in my home. (hate is a strong word. i am aware of this. also, you can be addicted to pot. only stupid fucking stoners disagree with this)

i am in love with the weather. Autumn makes me feel like me.

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