Monday, October 29, 2007

these boots are made for...

i got my hair colored again. it looks exactly the same and cost 100 bucks. i am so tired of this. it makes me want to do something drastic like dye it hot pink or purple. or black again. or something. why spend 100 bucks for a couple of highlights? i said "platinum. chunky. bright. dramatic" i did not say "subtle. natural". i will put before and after pics up to show what i am talking about. i just need to find my camera.

i found the perfect blue cowboy boots for my halloween costume at red light. i walked through a crowd of girls dressed like the typical "slutty-girl" all looking at each others tits and booty's...all asking the same question "am i too fat?" and all answering the same "oh my god, no! you look soooo soooo cute"!....i yawned and looked to the shoe shelf and the boots shined like the blue skies of heaven.

they are so rad. so hideous and perfect. so ugly and amazing. i keep wearing know, as a joke..but a joke that totally works with leggings and a skirt in that so-ugly-that-it's-trendy way.

i am four pounds from my ideal weight and as i approach this i think my ideal weight should be 10 lbs less than my previous ideal weight.

would it me inappropriate to put a pic of my ass on here? i know, i know, the internet is no place for nudity. i just have a great pic that i feel like should be shared with the world (and by world i mean the two people that read this...holla "s" and "a"!)

i made an apple cake with caramel frosting yesterday and it sucked. more on this on my baking blog to come.

i am having a bad face day. i must have slept on my face funny.

so i watched rosemary's baby. and i really hated it. why are there so many movies about woman being impregnated by aliens/flies/satan? it really bothers me. and mia farrow really pissed me off. i wanted to shake her. and smack her around. she was so stupid. (dan and i have an argument about whether or not her character is a parody of "stupid naive woman" or not...or if that is just what she was).
the only thing i liked about her was her haircut.

i went to bladerunner at the cinerama. it was fantastic, of course.

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