Wednesday, October 3, 2007

packing is lame.

here is why packing sucks:

i decide my outfits in a chronological-what-is-closes-to-top-of-giant-clothing-heap method. otherwise known as the let-the-clothing-monster-decide method. this is fairly mindless and seems to work for me. i don't think my clothes necessarily look like they were in a pile and randomly layered onto my body with little thought. the wrinkles might give it away...or are wrinkles in now? fuck, i hope so. cuz then i am totes in.

anyway...packing sucks because i actually have to think about outfits and what i will wear each day and what goes with what and weather forecasts and shit. i am bad at this. i think i just packed 5 pairs of pants and one t-shirt.

my ideal packing method is this: wear one outfit the entire trip and bring no luggage. if i need clean undies, etc, i will buy them as needed and return home with plastic bag.

p.s i am writing a blog about packing instead of packing. this is procrastination at its finest.

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