Tuesday, October 16, 2007


i tried on my bikini to get myself mentally prepared for hawaii.
i see now why people work out. (as if i didn't have enough of an idea)
i think my body is aging and i am not happy about this. the cute laugh lines on my face are nice...i don't mind the creases around my eyes....i like that part...but holy shit i was not expecting my booty to take a hit. i mean, don't get me wrong, it still looks nice, but not like it did a couple years ago. scary stuff. speaking of....

now added to the list of scary movies i have watched this week:


firstly, disturbia with shia labeouf is fun and forgettable. i do have a mini crush on shia...which was the only thing that made this worth watching. i almost didn't include it in the list because i have a hard time calling it "scary". it is more of a thriller. a thriller with a cute yet awkward boy that (of course) gets the totally hot neighbor chick while solving a murder/mystery. he does this role so well....i can see why he is sticking to it. shia, it is totally working for me. please don't stop.
p.s the car crash scene in the beginning is very well done. i was impressed and normally anything with cars or crashing bores me to tears. except, of course, if those cars transform into robots (again, shia...thank you...i want to take that innocent dorky face of yours and shove it in my lap)

alien and aliens: i squirmed and flailed a bit. er, ok ok....at one point during aliens i pulled my hoodie over my head to protect me....and the zipper caught my eyebrow. ah hem. so now i have this scrape over my right eye. battle wound. ya dig?

man, i am a loser.

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