Thursday, October 11, 2007

giving birth to fly larva

it is october...also known as "scary movie month".

here is what i have watched so far:

-the hand that rocks the cradle
-the ring
-the fly

i wish this list was cooler...

if i was pregnant with a half fly baby...i would totes abort that shit. why geena davis, why? how is it possible that there is a fly 2? for fucks sake, after you blow the head off of the fly that impregnated you, throw yourself down some stairs....or at least drink some bleach. cmon.

anyway. october is also a nice time to drink chai and walk around. i keep doing this.
and it is a delightful time to eat squash, yams, and homemade soup. oh and apples. dude.
i am really good at making homemade applesauce. for realz.

i have been reading too much martha stewart living.

i can't wait to wear my puffy coat. it isn't cold enough yet. i love that thing. i think i wore it everyday from last january through april. it is so cozy. i keep staring at it. i want to have sex with it. is that weird?

i have lost three pounds.

only 20 more to go.
just kidding.

only 7 more to that seems possible. kind of. i just need to hold on to will power.

i wish i had some cake.


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Shannon said...

I have watched Halloween (the original), Nightmare on Elm Street (the original), and the first disc of The Twilight Zone. I would suggest reading this for your movie suggestions.,,726267_1,00.html