Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the fridge

i grew up in a very nice house. in the house was a nice kitchen. the kitchen had a refrigerator. the refrigerator door was covered with a wood panel that matched the cabinetry. it matched so perfectly that visitors would have a hard time finding it.

there were no tacky magnets with quotes. there were no grocery lists, recipes, school photos, postcards, or reminders of upcoming events. those were all kept on my mom's desk.

i am one of those weirdos that will go to people's houses and stare at their refrigerator. i feel like you look into the heart of a home by looking at what is on the fridge. i love my friend caroline's fridge. she has all these homemade magnets of naked women. some of them have outfits that you can mix and match. she has these little bendy monkeys with magnets on the paws. she has beautiful postcards and pictures of her from another time...with short spiky hair and black eyeliner. and amanda has a beautiful black and white picture of her daughter as a tiny little bundle. when her smile took over her entire face and her arms looked like donuts.

i love our fridge. i love the rotating artwork by riley. eggpeople. robots. snowmen. our family. pictures from trips. random magnets. tons of polaroids.

i love how it has become a messy collage of our life.

i wonder what our fridge says about us.

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