Thursday, July 31, 2008

going to reno

today we are going to reno.

weather in reno:

i am a cold weather person. i enjoy summer. i enjoy being warm. i like to feel a warm breeze against my skin. this "warm" i am talking about maxes out at about 75. then i become cranky and uncomfortable*. but i am a cold weather person. this means i feel most comfortable in a hoodie, and under a down comforter with a cup of cocoa.

*unless i am in hawaii because tropical hawaii heat is in it's own magical category

so....90's....i will turn an obnoxious shade of red. i will look like i might vomit. someone will probably, at some point, ask me if i am ok and if i need to sit down.

here is my mom and a butterfly. can you see it? it is flying. (quite the action shot)

i went to the pacific science center yesterday and was reminded that i don't like to be around strange children. and i was also reminded that people are stupid. i know i sound like an asshole right now.

example: when entering the butterfly exhibit you are told a few rules. these rules are also on a couple signs at the entrance of the exhibit. the big rule is "do not touch the butterflies". this seems pretty simple to me....but upon entering the exhibit, stupid children of stupid parents pick up butterflies by their fragile wings and toss them in the air like they are confetti. stupid parents do nothing but watch and/or encourage.

what is wrong with people?

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sarah said...

I don't see the butterfly.