Monday, July 21, 2008

a year of weddings

i just bought 2 bottles of vodka.
it is going to be a good night.

oh missoula, missoula, missoula.

this weekend i will return to the big sky. i will get a huckleberry milkshake. i might go to the silver dollar for a pbr tallboy and keno. hopefully this time i won't get chased out by an angry mob of bridesmaids. (note: montana brides have no sense of humor when you steal their veil off their head.....why does montana bring the worst out of me?)

i will drive by my old house and silently weep.

i am doing my friends makeup for her wedding on saturday. and....well....if you know me, you understand why that is scary. i really want to do shimmery blue eyeshadow and hot pink cheeks....and something shimmery on the know keep it real to montana style.

then, the next weekend, we are going to reno....for another wedding. (dan's brother, sam and his awesome soon to be wife, shelly). riley get's to be a flower girl again, which she is ecstatic about. and this time i get to take photos!!! of their wedding! like a REAL photographer.

notes from dream last night:

i was miniature, like i shrunk to the size of a quarter.
i jumped off buildings and floated down with an umbrella.
like mary poppins.
i was not the only miniature person. there were lots of us.
i climbed into a random house through the mail slot.
i was looking for a clue to solve a crime.
this was easy and difficult as a tiny person.
i saw a lot of clues big people couldn't see.


sarah said...

you have weird dreams. are you sure you're not pregnant? also, please avoid shimmery blue eyeshadow. it would start the marriage off on the wrong foot :)

dreaming and breathing said...

dude, i WISH!! arrg!

tomorrow i need you to give me some makeup how to make someone look like a bride in montana...but not a montana bride... dig?

also, if i bring scissors, will you cut my hair? pleeease? if you say no i will make dan do it. i am that desperate.

sarah said...

oh dear... you don't want EITHER of us to do that. It wouldn't be pretty. Think deep conditioner... it makes everything better.