Monday, July 28, 2008

montana and weddings

first of all, i got a new expect more photos. i mean A LOT of photos.

missoula. it was hot. they have a fantastic farmers market. they also have a craft market with homemade jewelry and soap and pottery....and bongs. and there was a guy selling animal pelts and skulls.

i have pictures of all of this and will post them to my flickr soon.

this is what graffiti looks like in missoula.

courtney was one of the first people i met in college. her dorm room was right next to mine. i thought she was someones younger sister because she looked about 12. and she thought i was a total bitch because the first thing i said to her was "is that a hickey on your neck"? (i have always had a problem with being subtle). we were quick friends and caused trouble all over missoula. we got kicked out of frat houses and bars. anyway, she is by far the coolest girl i know. she kills deer. she can fix anything. she used to be a park ranger and would ride a horse into the wilderness and camp for weeks. and she is funny. she can out drink anyone. and she is pretty. honest. she stayed with me after riley was born for 3 weeks and i did not want her to leave. she makes the best lasagna.

now she is married.

i had fun taking some pictures of their wedding to prepare for this weekend where i will be a wedding photographer for sam and shelly. yay! oh, and i did her makeup!

for more of courtney and mark's wedding photos go here.

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Bake Sale said...

Seriously gorgeous photos! What a great the contrast of wild west with the beatiful bride.