Monday, April 27, 2009

sew cool

i sew want this. i would sew love it. it is sew super rad awesome.
i sew wish i knew how to sew.

i wish this sewing machine came with a grandma to give me little loving instructions. i wish i could special order a grandma. she would also know how to knit. and she would be very patient with me. and she would call me "dear" and "sweetie" and we would bake things like bread and casseroles and bundt cakes. we would quilt and talk about love and life and how time changes everything. we would drink tea every afternoon and she would speak in phrases like "when life gives you lemons...." or "what doesn't kill you...." or "you just got to roll with the....." and i would say "oh grandma" and roll my eyes like she is so out of touch. but then i would realize that life really can be simplified into phrases. i would appreciate my special order grandma and all her little sayings. she is like a prophet. she would tell me that a good stew and a stiff drink can fix any marital troubles.

that would be sew cool.


JuneMoonToon said...

I love your thoughts here, love it. Also may I quote you a bit on my blog and point people to yours?
p.s. a good stew and a stiff drink can fix any (most, anyway) marital problems

dreaming and breathing said...

thank you, and yes.

i think today my special order grandma would tell me to snap out of my self loathing, stop that 'blogging' and go scrub the toilet.

to this i would shrug and say "like that will help anything"

and she would say "having a clean bathroom will make all your troubles go away."

thanks make-believe special order grandma.