Friday, April 24, 2009


i haven't been sick in a really long time. like real sick. i have had little coughs here and there that last a day and go away. and of course self induced sickness when i drink too much and spend the next day groaning and vomiting.

but i am for real sick. strep throat. bad. very bad.

i forgot how miserable it is to be sick. simple things become difficult. like talking. or swallowing my own saliva.

on the plus side i have not eaten anything except a little chicken noodle soup for 3 days. and i vomited all day wednesday. so i probably lost weight right?

har har har.

i guess my throat looked pretty freaky because the doc called in 2 nurses to look....all of them made awful faces. and then the she gave me a prescription for vicodin.

ok. i am going back to bed.

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