Monday, April 13, 2009

thank god it is over

thoughts on 5 day juice detox:

i had wanted to do this for awhile and wondered if i had the strength. it really was a challenge to go 5 days without sugar, alcohol, caffeine (i caved once and had 1/2 cup of coffee) and all the other crap i eat. day one and two were is kind of a fun little challenge to focus on and i enjoyed finding fun detox tea's and juice combos. i felt healthy and accomplished. i really did feel like the toxins left my body a couple days into it. day three and four were very difficult. i was starving and cranky and the thrill was over. i thought about cake constantly. on day four i felt really weak.

i think it is a good exercise and beneficial for 3 days. after that it sucked. i think it is a good way to kick off a new diet or eating routine. i do plan an eating healthier for a bit....i mean excluding yesterday's eggs benny and grits for brunch, steak for dinner, coconut cupcakes for dessert (and breakfast this morning)....

but overall, even with all that, i do feel like i don't need the sugar and alcohol like i did before.

i really don't think coffee is bad. i love coffee. it is a great appetite suppressant and my fave diet tool. i know how backward that sounds after i just said i plan on eating healthier. but it is true. coffee as a snack while dieting really helps. so does cutting back on crap, smaller portions, whole grain, lots of veggies, lean protein, yadda yadda. but seriously....the most weight i have ever lost on a "diet" was when i was drinking coffee for breakfast and lunch and having a healthy dinner. not that i would suggest this. but it worked. i'm just sayin.


Sarah said...

Couldn't agree more. I drink Peach Detox tea from Yogi Tea. It's great... and just makes you pee a lot. No yard sales or beelines to the bathroom, if you know what I mean? I tried to gear up to do a full juice/tea cleanse a few months ago, cutting out meat, sugar, bread, etc. Mainly eating veggies, fruit and a few veggie burgers here and there. I never did the cleanse, I just ended up eating better for a while. Funny how that happens.
COngrats for doing it 5 days!

Anonymous said...


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