Saturday, April 18, 2009

so hair happy!!

my hair is back to "normal"!

i love bleach!

and i ran 4 times this week! i can run 3 miles and it feels good! yay! i am feeling confident that i will actually be able to finish the "beat the bridge" 5 mile run next month with sarah.

what else? oh! get the vanilla drop martini at the B&O cafe on capitol hill. it is wonderful. a mix of vanilla vodka, lemon and pineapple. it is dreamy.

i feel like i need to share my i just took this:

i am in my running clothes and could use a shower and some makeup...but you get the point.

ps how cute is coco?! i love her!


Sarah said...

Love the hair. Love the pooch. Love the backyard.
And speaking of Vanilla Vodka, a restaurant here in Boulder has an unbelievable cocktail that is two shots of espresso and Vanilla Vodka. Holy mama!

dreaming and breathing said...

YUM. that sounds like my kind of drink!