Thursday, November 20, 2008

have a cookie

i have not gone running in one week.

i swear i will go today.

(but it is rainy and cold and windy and so dark out)

i have this amazing camera and i really want to use it more.
here are some of my hold-ups:
-dan and riley are sick of me taking pictures of them
-i can only take so many self portraits
-it is gray and ugly out.
-i lack inspiration

today i am going to force myself to take some photos. right after i force myself to go running.

december will be a better month for photos.
why? here are some reasons:
-christmas inspires me. the lights. the food. the music. the snow.
-will be around family that is not sick of me sticking camera in their faces
-babies (megan is due dec 24th.....and i will see my 3 month old niece in reno)

i went to the dentist yesterday. it was as awful as i remember. i love how they try to be all super sensitive and nice. she said "we will take it one step at a your pace.....i am here for tell ME what you are comfortable with and what you want me to do"

i responded "i want you to remove all my teeth and give me a blender"

she didn't even laugh. seriously.

and then she said "it is just like going to a hair salon".

really? because they don't shove sharp tools into your gums at a hair salon.

they say all this nice stuff and then lean you back and jab stuff in your mouth. you gag. you bleed. and they are so sweet and nice about it. i would almost prefer them to be mean. it would make more sense.

i think my main problem with dentists is that i hate them. even the "nice" ones.....i see it as an act because they still tell you that you need an extraction, root canal, drilling, and 2 crowns. and they charge you thousands and thousands of dollars to sit in a dirty chair and sit through hours of torture.

i am aware that i am whining right now.

i feel like dentists are so out of touch with reality that they say things like "oh, it is so neat...we take a titanium rod and drill it into the bone..."

i wanted to run out screaming. and then they offered me a cookie. i am serious. "we bake fresh cookies each morning". this proves my point that they are evil. EVIL.

"wow...all your teeth are rotting out of your a cookie" *big evil smile*

the only things that makes going to the dentist ok.....are drugs. lots and lots of drugs.

p.s. i took a cookie.


sarah said...

you just made my day. how about some pictures of some little merritt people?

dreaming and breathing said...

yes please!!!

i can do any morning next week.

i miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I ran this morning at 6. The moon was out, it wasn't raining but it was cold.

Loved the description of the visit to the dentist. Must have been sugar free cookies, right?

dave said...

That was me, the anonymous one. Couldn't remember my password.