Friday, November 14, 2008

i should have just said "fine"

guy making my latte: how are you doing today?

me: good.....they are hanging holiday wreathes on all the light posts know what that means....

guy (fake yawns): boring...i find christmas so dull. i prefer thanksgiving.

me: really? have you tried the stolen bread from here? it is amazing.

guy (with smug face): yes. i used to live in germany. i've had stolen.

me: i just think the holiday is very exciting, if nothing else, for all the delicious food associated with it....i mean....why else would you like thanksgiving?

guy: i like the meaning behind it

me (with shocked face): really?

guy: i think it is important to be thankful for things.

me: oh, i thought you meant the raping and pillaging and....

guy (with fake smile) interupts me: have a nice day!

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