Monday, November 10, 2008


things i LOVE right now:

1. eggnog (a splash in coffee. so so so goooood)

2. candles that smell like cinnamon or pine trees.

3. running outside (yes...this is dana....and yes....something has happened to the old me that hated to move. i know, i am just as shocked as anyone)

4. daydreaming about puppy names (the amount of time and brain power i spend on this should be alarming and disgusting....but i don't care)

5. making christmas lists absurdly early (i already know what i am getting for everyone)

6. shopping for puppy accessories (wtf is wrong with me? i actually got excited about a "cute" collar the other day....a COLLAR. i did have cupcakes on it...but still)

7. obama and how my heart feels warmer because of him.

8. the way my husband looks in a cozy hoodie and pajama pants

9. my target coat. (cute. warm. 30 bucks)

10. the anthropologie hat dan got me for christmas last year that i wear every day.

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